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Meet Carol


For those who have had Carol's painting and restoration in their home or office, it is known that a special quality emanates from her work that leaves a lasting and elevating impression.  As a duaghter of two artists, and having watched her father make and repair things from furniture to their horse barn, and completing three college deegrees in art, she applies both an intuitive approach and her broad skillset to aesthetic challenges.

Meeting the internationally shown Moroccan abstract painter Ahmed Yacoubi upon her arrival to NYC furthered her appreciation and understanding of color, materials, refined surfaces, and aesthetic values. 

Dr. Sing Ma Foon, the Chinese calligrapher and abstract painter, demonstrated the even more subtle control of ink on paper that Carol ran with once integrating energy principles into the act of painting.

As Fate would have it, Carol was able to teach herself Decorative Painting techniques from a set of Leonard Pardon's videotapes left behind in a friend's loft.  Being the Decorative Painter to the Queen of England, his methods for marbling and wood graining proved to be a fine foundation to build a career upon, as well as to use while teaching at The Alpha Workshops, Inc, years later.

Her current studio in the Pearce Arrow building in LIC provides the space and light for further innovation and welcomes clients and collectors to view her portfolios, samples, and paintings by appointment 7 days a week.  

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