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Decorative Painting

by Carol Cannon

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"Carol can get you exactly the right texture, color, and mood.  She is very accommodating — works hard to get it right.  Very consistent and very professional."

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Beginning with the initial free consultation, and the client’s aims understood, Carol supplies ideas and inspiration that are usually materialized in three or more samples that coordinate with the architecture, décor, upholstery, tiles, etc.  From historical references to imaginative innovations, she provides exciting and exacting solutions to design challenges that clients in the past have been grateful to for years, even decades!  When the schedule and price are agreed upon, certificates of insurance in place, if needed, Carol (and her assistants, if needed) get to work protecting surrounding areas and focus on delivering the effect as efficiently as possible.

Whether it is inventing a specialized glaze effect (i.e. pearlized finish, transparent tint, elegant painted texture), Venetian plaster, matching an existing marble or wood, designing a relevant stencil design, executing an original stripe pattern, or floor design, our muses can collaborate to deliver! On-time, in a clean and protected manner. (see Client’s quotes below)


Carol “cut her teeth” on external house painting in historical Newport where she learned the basics of scraping, sanding, priming, and painting.  Over the years she has acquired a reliable knowledge base to address all sorts of deteriorated conditions in all sorts of environments and on all types of objects.  From the sub-basement of The Frick Collection to the upper rafters of private mansions on scaffolding, she has apprised the situation and materials needed to repair and restore the wear of time and the elements in hallowed places, plaster moldings, and aged wood.  Whether the aim is to re-create an original look, or to entirely transform and update an appearance, she has the experience and skilled team to call upon to undertake jobs of considerable size. (References happily supplied.)

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Color Consultation

Thanks to her introduction to true color appreciation through the genius of the Moroccan abstract painter Ahmed Yacoubi, she has developed her own understanding of color and color mixing. Enhanced by teaching color theory for years, this instinctual sensibility serves her clients well whether in planning an entire apartment’s thematic scheme, or matching/coordinating with custom-made carpets, fabrics, historical references, etc.  Following the market trends and product development of the major paint manufacturers assists in her suggesting paints, colors, and their finishes that serve the environment best.  With great respect for the Kaufman Natural Palette, the vibrancy of various other cultures’ colors and a propensity for pastels in her own fine artwork, she can genuinely say she loves color and can match any color with great precision using the full spectrum method.  If you need support in determining colors that you will love living with, Carol is pleased to offer her experience. (Fees set in relation to scale of job.)

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I observed Carol as being organized, very skilled, attentive to detail, working well with fellow employees, coordinating with our senior staff, and taking initiative when approaching challenging areas of the museum that needed attention.  She has a wide breadth of art experience and effective communication skills.  Being a “big picture” thinker, I do not doubt she will positively add her steady and progressive influence to any art-related project. -  Dennis Sweeney, Head of Operations, The Frick Collection

My decorator saw the work you had done on the floor and the walls in here and tipped his hat to you on a beautiful job! Thank you for making my apartment ABSOLUTELY GLOW!! I love it! - S.M.

You are an alchemist! - M.D.

Extraordinary, flawless work. - B.M.

Thank you. The furniture looks FABULOUS! - P.C.

You did a fabulous job and I love it. XOX - F.K.

Thank you for your diligent and talented efforts on my study. The result is great! - C.M.

The paint colors are truly bringing life to our new home and we are very grateful for your help. - L.F.

We love what you have done to our home. - E.G.

I can't thank you enough for the magnificent job you've done. It surpasses my expectations and is a work of art. Now I really can't wait to move in! Thank you so very much for your beautiful work. I hope to enjoy it for many years to come! - P.I.

You did a great job, I love it, and everyone else compliments the walls. Thanks so much. - C.P.



About Carol

Literally beginning on 60 foot ladders in Newport, RI, Carol's application of her experience ranges from customized effects in residential spaces to daunting renovations of private mansions and not-for-profit foundations.  Clients attest to her precision in grasping their desired outcomes and delivering them immaculately and without fanfare.

As a visionary artist and skilled technician, Carol weaves together a fine art sensibility and a keen eye for color for her clients' walls, doors, floors, ceilings, furniture, and objets d'art.  Over the years in New York City, she has been fortunate enough to meet and enlist the skills of other seasoned house painters, usually from Central and South America, as well as Europe, who assist her in executing major painting projects,

Her degree in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and a degree in Creative Arts Therapy from the New School honed her ability to prepare breathtaking murals and commissioned paintings, while her experiments with Big-Brush ink painting, acrylic, watercolor, and Venetian Plaster supply museum quality pieces for designers and collectors.    

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